what episode does kakashi show his face in naruto

what episode does kakashi show his face, kakashi hatake one of the most famous anime character, created by masahi kashimoto showed his face twice times in the manga series naruto shippuden episode# 469, after 15 years of anticipation.

kakashi hatake face was such a mystery that an entire episode(episode 101) was based on uncovering his face, however nobody succeeds in uncovering his face.

who was kakashi hatake?

kakashi hatake is the fictional character created by masahi kashimoto of top manga anime series naruto: shippuden.
he was the teacher of team 7, including naruto uzumaki, sasuke uchiha, sakura haruna. the character of sasuke in start of the series was harsh and apathetic, but as the story progresses his loyalty to his friend and student increases.

Kakashi character was voiced by kazuhiko inoue in japanese. inoue was confident in the character’s popularity and fame among the fans, he asked them to keep showing their support to him.

in english series naruto shippuden Dave Wittenberg dubbed kakashi voice, not only naruto he voiced kakashi in all the movies too.

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appearance :kakashi without his mask

Kakashi has a solid similarity to his dad, to such an extent that they are now and then confused with one another. [37] He has spiky silver hair regularly arranged to one side, dull dark eyes (dark in a few occasions), and ordinarily a loose and languid articulation.

During the Third Shinobi World War, his left eye was harmed, leaving an upward scar from the injury. The eye was without further ado afterwards supplanted with a Sharingan, which he covers with his temple defender when he isn’t utilizing it.

After his unique eye was reestablished by Naruto during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi got back to wearing his temple defender adjusted over his brow. Since youth and close continually, he wears a veil that forestalls the majority of his face from being apparent.

Indeed, even his ninken have seen his face so sparingly that the vast majority of them don’t recollect what he resembles unmasked. On the couple of events he uncovered his full face, he has a restricted stunning and a marvel mark under the left corner of his mouth. Overall, he is considered attractive as seen from Teuchi and Ayame’s response to seeing his face.

Kakashi wore a few distinct outfits preceding Part I. In the institute, he wore a long sleeved anchor-dim shirt with a zipper, a green scarf and record shaded shorts. He likewise wore blue shoes, which he additionally wore during the Third Shinobi World War. During the Third Shinobi World War, he wore a dark T-shirt with white stripes in the sleeves, extra sleeves over his arms, metal arm defenders, calfskin ties around his back and chest, and dull jeans. Preceding its obliteration, his family’s White Light Chakra Saber was kept in a little holder in his back. During his Anbu profession, he wore a straightforward blue suit with a dark fire coat, tied up shoes and arm watches that went up to his elbows. While not on the job as an Anbu, he wore a comparative outfit with portioned gauntlets and wraps over his calves. His fox mask[42] had red and dark markings around the eyes, sides, and mouth. One characteristic left over from his vocation as an Anbu is their particular tattoo looking like a red fire to his left side deltoid.

While taking on the appearance of “Sukea”, he eliminates his temple defender and cover. All things considered, he wears a hairpiece of shaggy grayish-earthy colored hair, dim shaded contact focal points, alongside purple cosmetics over his eyes and purple patches under them to cover his scar. He likewise regularly wears a long green overcoat and purple scarf with dim jeans.

what episode does kakashi show his face

what episode does kakashi show his face? kakashi shows his real face in the naruto manga episode 469 to the fans, while removing his disguise in front of a mirror of washroom, thinking that his students teamwork is increasing day by day, now the day is not so far when he will fall in their trap.

kakashi hatake revealing his face in episode 469

in episode 469 team 7 comes wih an ideas of uncovering his face again. they had tried first in the episode 101 but failed sarcastically. but this time they get enough near in exposing his face, but fails unexpectedly.

however in the episode 469, his students fails uncovering his face, but fans saw what they want to saw. yes, in 469 episode of naruto manga anime series, kakashi hatake face was revealed to the fans twice time, not only once.
1st time removing his disguise in the washroom, 2nd time hiding from his trainees in a corner.

but the question is why did he hide his face behind the mask?, well there is no logical answer to the question, as the character creator masahi kashimoto himself said there is no reason of him wearing a mask,he only do so, to hide his nosebleed from everyone. nosebleed here means grown up consideration.

naruto: shippuden episode # 469

what episode does kakashi show his face? it was episode 469 of naruto shippuden: A special mission.

naruto shippuden episode 469 was released on july 28, 2016 in japanese, whereas the english epsiode was released on december 4, 2018.

episode was named ” a special mission”. in this episode his trainee are onto a special mission, that was to try uncovering kakashi face again.

Team 7 completes a mission early toward the beginning of the day and are excused for the remainder of the day. Wanting for a higher-rank mission, Naruto proposes discovering Kakashi’s actual face. Sakura is initially pretentious of the idea, however changes her psyche when Sasuke communicates interest in it. Sakura calls attention to their past failed attempts at finding Kakashi’s face.

Naruto accepts there ought to be a photograph of Kakashi unmasked, however Sakura reveals she already searched it, and just found masked photographs. They are approached by a man named Sukea, who having overheard them, reveals to them Kakashi’s ninja registration photograph should show him unmasked. Sukea presents himself as a photographer keen on getting a major scoop. Sukea joins their mission.

That evening, the four manage to break into a mysterious records’ storage unit, and even discover Kakashi’s registration photograph, yet are apprehended by Anbu before they can take a gander at it. The following day, they are chided by the Third Hokage, and when talking to Kakashi, Sukea has a go at blaming the situation in Team 7. Team 7 calls him out on it, and he offers to photograph Kakashi’s face himself while he eats. Team 7 brings up they’ve attempted that previously, and something always interferes with them when Kakashi has a meal. Naruto has a go at offering Kakashi dango, yet Kiba stops by with Akamaru, who hops on certain pigeons.

In Sukea’s photographs, Kakashi’s face is obstructed by a pigeon, Akamaru or leaves. Team 7 is about to surrender when they’re approached by Teams 8 and 10. Later, Hinata races to Kakashi, saying a woman has suffocated in the waterway. She takes him to her, in reality a hidden Naruto tranquilized by Sakura. They plan to uncover Kakashi’s face by having him do CPR resuscitation, yet he chooses to take the hidden Naruto to the hospital instead. Hinata reports the plan’s fail. En route to the hospital, Kakashi is attacked by Chōji, distracting him and causing him to land on Shino’s kikaichū, leaving him immobilized. Ino attempted body exchanging with Kakashi, yet a frog leaps before her jutsu as Shino calls back his bugs. Shikamaru traps Kakashi with his shadow, and Naruto escapes his camouflage, calling out for Sukea. Shikamaru starts driving Kakashi to unmask himself, yet Team Guy comes around, Neji fleeing from Lee, who wants to spar with him, trailed by Tenten. Neji and Lee kick up some residue going around, while Tenten winds up stumbling Shikamaru, breaking his hang on Kakashi. Kakashi vanishes, revealing he was a shadow clone all along. Sukea says the genin goodbye, while Kakashi watches from afar with Team Guy, who are actually transformed shadow clones. At the point when Team 7 actions walk their way, Kakashi and his hidden clones are also released. Sukea develops apprehensive when he walks past Guy, who asks him if there was any difficulty, having heard about the earlier upheaval with Kakashi and the genin. Fellow asks Sukea in the event that they’ve met previously, which Sukea denies. Fellow leaves, sure he’s met Sukea previously. In his apartment, Sukea starts eliminating his mask, revealing himself to have been Kakashi all along, and going to shower.

Kakashi recollects earlier, and closes his’ team-work is improving, and that he will not have the option to pull something like this again many more occasions

frequently asked questions

here are the following frequently asked questions related to the article what episode does kakashi show his face:

why does kakashi hide his face

As indicated by the series, Kakashi kept a veil over his face since he didn’t need anybody to get him with a nosebleed. Anime fans will realize that a nosebleed isn’t characteristic of a physical issue or ailment. All things being equal, it’s intended to mean grown-up considerations in a person

what episode does kakashi show his face in boruto

episode 469 “A Special Mission, One of the longest-running jokes and most prevalent mysteries in the Naruto Series is Kakashi’s face. In Episode 469 of Naruto Shippuden, he finally shows his face twice time to the fans, one when removing disguise, second time hiding from his trainee in a corner.

what episode does kakashi show his face on netflix

notwithstanding, fans were agreeably astonished last week when a filler scene broadcasted for Naruto Shippuden that finished the secret! Cautioning: SPOILER COUNTRY AHEAD! Scene 469 (believe it or not: 368 scenes between its primary notice and the genuine uncover!) shows Naruto ever inquisitive about seeing Kakashi’s face.

why does kakashi wear a mask

As indicated by the series, Kakashi kept a mask over his face since he didn’t need anybody to get him with a nosebleed. Anime fans will realize that a nosebleed isn’t characteristic of a physical issue or ailment. All things being equal, it’s intended to mean grown-up musings in a person

Kakashi wears the mask either to conceal his disgrace or shroud the way that he looks uncannily like his dad. Notwithstanding, Kakashi wore the mask as a kid before his dad passed on, so hypothesis is one of the most vulnerable.


what episode does Kakashi hatake show his face?, kakashi hatake show his face in the manga series naruto shippuden episode 469 ” A Special Mission”.

kakashi hatake reveals his mysterious face after 15 years of wait in the episode 469 of naruto, not only once, twice times.

it was episode 469 when kakashi reveals his face to the fans, after defeating his trainees on their special mission, which was itself based on uncovering his face.



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